Our clients include individuals, small businesses and families.  We represent those with titles of "Plaintiff", "Defendant", "Petitioner", and "Respondent".


We get clients from a variety of sources, such as, referrals from current and/or former clients, referrals from other attorneys, referrals from the Missouri Bar, and from many others.  Often we are asked by clients, who have terminated their previous attorneys, to take over cases for inmates, to review or draft post-conviction or post-sentencing documents and have been successful on numerous occasions obtaining lowered bail for an incarcerated person even when prior motions on the same matter were denied by the Court during another attorney's representation.


Oftentimes we find solutions to matters that are not necessarily law-related.  We strive to be creative and innovative in assisting persons who come to us for help, and, many times, have negotiated pre-litigation settlements.

Committed to Offering Confidential, Accessible & Affordable Legal Solutions