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Sarah A. Rowh has served as the firm's Legal Administrator since October 2013.  However, Sarah's experience with the firm began a little earlier as she completed her internship at the firm in June 2013 as part of the requirements in earning her Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies.  She earned her Associate's Degree with honors at the end of June 2013.  As Legal Administrator, she wears many hats, as she is responsible for many tasks that are required in helping to ensure our firm is successful.  As she also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies, she performs much of the necessary legal research in all facets of the law.   

Sarah graduated summa cum laude from Purdue University, earning her Bachelor's in Legal Studies in May 2018; she was born and raised in Ballwin, Missouri and attended Marquette High School in Chesterfield, Missouri, graduating Class of 2007.  Sarah is engaged to be married in June 2020 and she currently resides in Oakville, Missouri with her fiancé and her furry four-legged children.  Sarah plans to soon begin law school and earn her Juris Doctor Degree.

All clients get to know Sarah very well as she also handles much of the client intake duties as well as ensures that the firm maintains its high standard of, and dedication to, client communications.


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